Stop and Take
a Deep Breath. 
Only two houses available
A boutique project consisting of 14 houses on the banks of the Orlik Reservoir designed by renowned Cutler Anderson Architects.
Water flows, forever in motion, never ceasing, constantly changing. Water is life and we perceive life through the lens of time. Like water, time passes by in a continuous flow that changes everything around us. Trees grow, cities expand, children grow up, and even faces reflect its passing...
In a world where
nothing is static, you
need your own Port.

“Each project that I design is based on the interplay of a unique set of circumstances. It depends on the people involved in its realization, on the cultural context in which it’s set, as well as on the topography of the site, the views, the local fauna and flora, and the weather conditions. I learn something new every time, and thanks to that I’ve been moving forward all my life. Because you can only truly grow and move if you learn new things.”
Waterfront Living as Imagined by Renowned Architect James Cutler
A remote spot surrounded by nature and water, where you can truly stop, take a deep breath, and realize that the passage of time is what gives things character. Including ourselves.
A Place Where
You Can Stop
and Think
The majestic beauty of the nature surrounding the Orlík Dam will never stop fascinating you. Morning mists rising from the surface of the water and the ring of forests give the entire area a mystical aura that changes with the seasons, yet never loses its charm.
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