Stop and Take
a Deep Breath. 
“The Orlík Reservoir is the central motif that I’ve been working with since the initial designs for this project. All of the houses in the Přístav development will be connected to the lake that stretches out directly beneath them. From above they look like a bunch of little cabins lined up almost like the haystacks in the famous Monet painting. Nestled into a sunny hillside, the view of these haystacks will change throughout the day as the sun’s natural light shifts over the landscape.”
Houses Designed
to Age into Beauty
The Beauty of Nature Embodied in the Architecture
Quality materials and architecture are best perceived after some time has passed. Wood acquires a unique patina—a gift imparted to it by nature. The rawness of concrete is softened by the moss that covers it. The gradually oxidizing natural high-strength steel roof, covered with greenery, increasingly blends in with its surroundings. Birds nest in the garden, rodents burrow into the ground, and the house becomes one with nature. With every passing year, the tension between soft and harsh surfaces become more apparent.

Sustainable living means returning to what nature offers us. When a house is set into a hillside, it doesn’t need air-conditioning. A pleasant temperature no matter the season is ensured by the earth that hugs the back wall. The green roof prevents overheating and makes sure that the house blends into the landscape. Specially designed wooden blinds, which James Cutler has used in previous projects, allow a soft light to infuse the interior when they are completely drawn. Since they will be placed on the exterior sides of the windows, the extreme heat from the sun’s rays won’t penetrate into the house.
Over time, wood and concrete acquire a distinctive patina that creates a unique atmosphere inside and out. These accents are what make Přístav both casual and pure.
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