Stop and Take
a Deep Breath. 
Commitment to Authenticity and Timeless Quality
CZK 28 000 000,-
CZK 25 000 000,-
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Each House in the Pristav Project Offers Function and Esthestics
Two-bedroom or three-bedroom layouts with cleverly separate social and private zones
Floor area of 140 sq. m. and 170 sq. m.
2 above-ground floors
Large-format windows with larch wood frames
Hardwood floors
1 parking space in your own garage on the upper level
1 space for a boat to dock on the private pier
Properties face southwest
Simplicity Defined
by Nature
Don’t expect a lavish mansion by the water. Přístav’s mantra is “less is more.” Quality is far more important than quantity. These rules allow you to enjoy all of the subtleties of the materials that intermingle in every house such as wood, stone, concrete, and glass. Their beauty is enhanced by the light streaming in from the garden and the views from the large-format windows. The interior is also connected to the exterior via a terrace, which in each house has a smooth transition to the sloping terrain.
+(420) 257 328 281
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